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It is surmounted by a small circle, above which is a large white Maltese Cross, and with two white wings. Four Crosses and two buds are shewn. The Hand issueth from the Clouds as in the other three cases. It represents materiality in all senses, good and evil: and is, therefore, in a sense, illusionary: it shows material gain, labour, power, wealth, etc. THE Four Kings, or "Figures mounted on steeds," represent the Yodh forces of the Name in each Suit: the Radix, Father and commencement of Material Forces, a force in which all the others are implied, and of which they form the development and completion.

A force swift and violent in its action, but whose effect soon passes away, and therefore symbolized by a Figure on a Steed riding swiftly, and clothed in complete Armour.

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Therefore is the knowledge of the scale of the King so necessary for the commencement of all magical working. It is therefore symbolized by a Figure seated upon a Throne: but also clothed in Armour. These Princes are Figures seated in Chariots, and thus borne forward. A Prince, the son of a King and Queen, yet a Prince of Princes, and a King of Kings: an Emperor whose effect is at once rapid though not so swift as that of the Queen and enduring.

It is, therefore, symbolized by a Figure borne in a Chariot, and clothed in Armour. Yet is his power vain and illusionary, unless set in Motion by his Father and Mother. They represent the forces of the He final of the Name in each suit, completing the Influences of the other scales: The mighty and potent daughter of a King and Queen: a Princess powerful and terrible: a Queen of Queens an Empress whose effect combines those of the King, Queen, and Prince, at once violent and permanent; therefore symbolized by a Figure standing firmly by itself, only partially draped, and having but little Armour; yet her power existeth not, save by reason of the others: and then indeed it is mighty and terrible materially, and is the Throne of the Forces of the Spirit.

The twelve cards, the Four Kings, Queens and Princes rule the dominion of the Celestial Heavens, between the realm of the Four Princesses and the Zodiac, as is hereafter shewn. And they, as it were, link together the signs. The rider wears a winged helmet like the old Scandinavian and Gaulish helmet with a Rayed Crown, a corslet of scale-mail and buskins of the same, and a flowing scarlet mantle.

Pisces weekly career horoscope lifetime

Above his helmet, upon his curass, and on the shoulder-pieces and buskins, he wears as a crest a winged black horse's head. He grasps a club with flaming ends, somewhat similar to that in the symbol of the Ace of Wands, but not so heavy, and also the sigil of his scale is shown; beneath the rushing feet of his steed are waving flames and fire.

He is active generous fierce sudden impetuous. If ill dignified, he is evil-minded cruel bigoted brutal. He rules the celestial heavens from above the Twentieth Degree of Scorpio to the First Two Decans of Sagittarius: and this includes a part of the Constellation Hercules. Hercules is always represented with a Club. She wears a corslet and buskins of scale-mail, which latter her robe discloses.

Her arms are almost bare. On cuirass and buskins are leopard's heads winged, and the same symbol surmounteth her crown. At her side is a couchant leopard on which her hands rest. She bears a long wand with a very heavy conical head. The face is beautiful and resolute. Adaptability, steady force applied to an object, steady rule, great attractive power, power of command, yet liked notwithstanding.

Kind and generous when not opposed.

Scorpio monthly money horoscope

If ill dignified, obstinate, revengeful, domineering, tyrannical, and apt to turn against another without a cause. She rules the heavens from above the last Decan of Pisces to above the 20 Degree of Aries: including thus a part of Andromeda. He has large white wings. One wheel of his chariot is shewn. He wears corslet and buskins of scale armour decorated with a winged lion's head, which symbol also surmounts his crown. His chariot is drawn by a lion. His arms are bare, save for the shoulder-pieces of the corslet, and he bears a torch or fire-wand, somewhat similar to that of the Zelator Adeptus Minor.

Beneath the chariot are flames, some waved, some salient. If ill dignified cruel, intolerant, prejudiced and ill natured. He rules the heavens from above the last Decan of Cancer to the second Decan of Leo; hence he includes most of Leo Minor. Her shoulders, arms, bosom and knees are bare. She wears a short kilt reaching to the knee. Round her waist is a broad belt of scale-mail; narrow at the sides; broader in front and back; and having a winged tiger's head in front. She wears a Corinthian-shaped helmet and crown with a long plume. It also is surmounted by a tiger's head, and the same symbol forms the buckle of her scale-mail buskins.

A mantle lined with tiger's skin falls back from her shoulders. Her right hand rests on a small golden or brazen altar ornamented with ram's heads and with Flames of Fire leaping from it. Her left hand leans on a long and heavy club, swelling at the lower end, where the sigil is placed; and it has flames of fire leaping from it the whole way down; but the flames are ascending. This club or torch is much longer than that carried by the King or Queen.

Beneath her firmly placed feet are leaping Flames of Fire. Brilliance, courage, beauty, force, sudden in anger or love, desire of power, enthusiasm, revenge. Earth of Fire Princess and Empress of the Salamanders. Throne of the Ace of Wands. His general equipment is similar to that of the Knight of Wands, but upon his helmet, cuirass and buskins is a peacock with opened wings. He holds a cup in his hand, bearing the sigil of the scale.

Beneath his horse's feet is the sea. From the cup issues a crab. Graceful, poetic, Venusian, indolent, but enthusiastic if roused. He rules the heavens from above 20 Degree of Aquarius to 20 Degree of Pisces, thus including the greater part of Pegasus. A VERY beautiful fair woman like a crowned Queen, seated upon a throne, beneath which is flowing water wherein Lotuses are seen.

Her general dress is similar to that of the Queen of Wands, but upon her crown, cuirass and buskins is seen an Ibis with opened wings, and beside her is the same bird, whereon her hand rests.

Taurus Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope June 3-10 2019

She holds a cup, wherefrom a crayfish issues. Her face is dreamy. She holds a lotus in the hand upon the Ibis. She is imaginative, poetic, kind, yet not willing to take much trouble for another.

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Coquettish, good-natured and underneath a dreamy appearance. Imagination stronger than feeling. Very much affected by other influences, and therefore more dependent upon dignity than most symbols. She rules from 20 Degree Gemini to 20 Degree Cancer. On the wheel is the symbol of a scorpion. The eagle is borne as a crest on his crown, cuirass and buskins.

General attire like King of Wands. Beneath his chariot is the calm and stagnant water of a lake. His armour resembles feathers more than scales.

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He holds in one hand a lotus, and in the other a cup, charged with the sigil of his scale. A serpent issues from the cup, and has its head tending down to the waters of the lake. He is subtle, violent, crafty and artistic; a fierce nature with calm exterior. Powerful for good or evil but more attracted by the evil if allied with apparent Power or Wisdom.

Her attire is similar. She stands on a sea with foaming spray. Away to her right a Dolphin. She wears as a crest a swan with opening wings.